The HAVRION PROTECT Suite of products provides customized solutions enabling safer environments through technology.


HAVRION PERFORM Platform provides solutions that enable your data to work for you and create more immersive experiences.

Protect Life
and Go Beyond

HAVRION is more than only a safety-software company. HAVRION is the technology partner that integrates software, hardware, and human know-how to create versatile and adaptable safety and communications solutions to work across several industries.
We support our business partners from the educational, sports, and corporate sectors to improve safety, communication, and efficiency in public and private facilities.


Enable safer school districts and campuses by providing students, teachers, guests, and admin personnel both peace of mind, and tools to protect their lives.


Provide immersive content through digital display for mass gatherings, creating more enjoyable and informative experiences for fans and staff.

Corporate Sector

Equip workplaces with technology to protect lives against emergency situations and promote public health, creating a more dynamic work environment.

Innovative technology that connects, alerts, and protects lives.