Innovative Emergency Management Systems

​We are connecting technologies to preserve life, creating an immediate and effective response to emergency evacuations, lockdown situations, and active shooter scenarios.


A safer future through next-gen technology

At HAVRION, we integrate cutting edge technologies to arm public spaces, schools, universities, and enterprises with a response strategy to extreme emergency situations.

From smart displays to IoT sensors, we create highly connected environments that keep innocent lives safe in the face of disaster. 

Our systems help people respond, stay safe, and evacuate from emergency situations as quickly and orderly as possible, reducing the risk of tragedy and loss of life.

Our Solutions

Connect by Havrion™

A modern software integration platform designed to interconnect an environment’s physical and digital assets to enable end-to-end detection and communication.
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Protect by Havrion™

A series of microservices designed to create dynamic evacuation routes driven by artificial intelligence working in tandem with security devices such as gunshot detectors and other environmental sensors.
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HAVRION™ Powered by Samsung

Havrion and Samsung work together to provide clear and contextual visualization of emergency notifications.
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Havrion Thermal Protect offers a versatile, in-depth, and non-intrusive way to enhance safety and promote wellness in public spaces.
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Connect. Stream. Protect.
We believe in the preservation of life, the prevention of tragedy, and application of intelligent end-to-end emergency response strategies. We believe it’s time to use technology to our best advantage to enforce safety and create a shield to protect us and those we love from the most dangerous events in our society.

We Connect technologies. We Stream communication. We Protect life.

College students

Build a safer tomorrow.

Enable safer environments through technology.

Connect. Stream. Protect.

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