Protect LifeTM and
Go Beyond

Bringing together the infrastructure, systems, and people necessary to build a safer world with better experiences.





The HAVRION PROTECT Suite of products provides customized solutions enabling safer environments through technology.


HAVRION PERFORM Platform provides solutions that enable your data to work for you and create more immersive experiences.

What is HAVRION and how does it help?

From active shooter situations to fire and weather emergencies and more, HAVRION can keep you and those around you safe.

More than a technology firm, HAVRION is an innovation partner that addresses some of the most pressing public safety challenges through a combination of applied technology, complex communication and alert systems, and human sensibility.

Protect Life
and Go Beyond

HAVRION has the versatility and adaptability to work across several industries to improve communication, safety, and efficiency in public and private facilities. 


Enable safer school districts and campuses and give students, teachers, and admin personnel both peace of mind, and tools to protect their lives.


Make mass gatherings and events safer, more compliant, and more enjoyable for fans.

Corporate Sector

Promote public health and wellness, across private and public spaces alike; safer workplaces and safer human interactions.

Innovative technology that connects, alerts, and protects lives.