AI-powered personal assistants already surround us, from Alexa home devices to Siri on iPhones and Apple watches. We have relied on these tools to manage our personal affairs efficiently. So imagine how much more AI could achieve if used to run safer and healthier public spaces.

Using AI for workplace safety and emergency management almost works in the same way as personal devices. The power of AI when applied to safety mechanisms is in its ability to process massive amounts of data in little to no time – making fast and smart recommendations and automating decisions to ensure the safety of thousands.

Let’s look at the benefits of AI – how it can provide the data necessary for delivering meaningful results when applied to a company’s emergency response and safety initiatives.


1. Better Communication

Thanks to improved communication channels and cloud tools, on-site and remote employees can work at peak levels while keeping safe. AI tracking on company communications, allows for incidents to be addressed in a more timely manner and can flag any potential issues.

AI in emergency communication is its most critical function. It can be designed to execute intelligent call routing, outbound notifications, unified messaging, and Interactive Voice Response.  AI can deliver emergency protocols and lifesaving information to all connected devices within the organization. It can be programmed to automatically filter, tag and highlight relevant information for immediate action.


2. Improved Safety

Using AI for surveillance is a common practice in most high-risk jobs. In fact, the medical community uses such technology to monitor surgical procedures. Construction and manufacturing industries use AI powered drones to reach spaces that can be too dangerous for humans to access.

AI can be programmed to detect issues, compare procedures and highlight any critical steps that were likely missed during an incident. It can send alerts to employees who will double-check if something needs to be done to resume safe and normal operations.


3. Faster Emergency Response

Many crimes such as stalking, break-ins and violent altercations aren’t clear dangers until it’s too late to call for help. When it comes to emergencies, AI-powered safety apps can activate alerts in an instant, sense the difference between low and high distress calls and then connect with first responders to deliver the appropriate emergency response.

Organizations can benefit from the big data aspects of AI by getting a better sense of when and where people feel unsafe and focusing safety efforts on trouble areas. It allows health and safety management to be efficient and alert by delivering real-time data insights, updates about the safety status of their employees and safety messages.


4. Usable data and valuable insight

AI-powered safety solutions work 24/7 and report on every tracking point. It will get smarter over time – predicting outcomes with more accuracy to help you get ahead of safety concerns before they become full-blown emergencies.

AI gathers data by tracking biometrics, smart sensors, scan barcodes, sound alerts and detect exposure limits to harmful elements. It can be programmed to identify work-related illnesses and prevent them from occurring in other employees in the future. Data from these devices can be used in a meaningful way to ensure the health and safety of everyone in the workplace.


5. High Employee Morale

It is mandatory for companies to ensure the health and safety of their employees. And safety practices aided by AI technology help employers succeed in this measure. AI tools make it faster and easier to cultivate a safety-first culture within the organization, reduce the number of incidents, injuries and fatalities and ultimately create a healthy and productive environment where everyone can be confident to render outstanding work.



HAVRION is leveraging AI technology to create smart and safe environments. We develop advanced hazard detection and emergency response for schools, buildings and facilities with integrated hardware and software systems under Havrion’s suite of AI-powered platforms.

From projecting evacuation maps to identifying groups and individuals in imminent danger, Havrion PROTECT Suite provides critical communications and visibility to first responders for accurate situational assessment. Havrion PROTECT is hosted in the cloud so that emergency response teams can command, control and monitor an unfolding situation from any device. Safety and emergency managers in your organization will ultimately decide how to best respond in a crisis situation.

With Havrion Protect you can: Control devices, applications, and communication platforms virtually in an emergency event; Manage sensors, triggers, devices, and displays on digital floor plans from a single, centralized management console; Build customized evacuation floor plans with static routes and lock down procedures; and Design levels of security and communication.

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