The recent turn of crisis events has made the public more anxious of the threats and emergencies that can strike our communities. From a viral contagion to severe weather and active shooter events, these incidents can cause irreparable damage to people and property.

What can organizations do to become more prepared and reduce their vulnerability against increasing threats and hazards?

Communicate better, faster and smarter

Havrion CONNECT’s emergency communication solutions leverage digital displays, mobile and desktop screens – tools that you already have – to deliver faster and more accurate crisis response. By increasing their capability with automation and integration, Havrion CONNECT digital displays accelerate communications to resolve crisis events rapidly.

Here are 5 simple but powerful ways digital displays can help in emergencies:


1. Reduce panic and potential for harm

There’s no room for error and delay when an emergency hits. You need the building occupants i.e., students, customers, staff, and visitors, to respond appropriately and avoid making things worse. At the same time, you want them to feel calm and confident that things are well under control.

Haphazard emergency or evacuation communication breeds chaos, confusion and panic that could potentially cause injury or property damage, says OSHA. Blaring sirens and emergency alarms indiscriminately, can cause panic in crowds with no meaningful information about the nature of the emergency or what to do about it.

Clear and consistent messaging is therefore critical when instructing large crowds to move quickly yet calmly in an emergency. And public address systems integrated with digital displays is a great way to deliver safety instructions instantly.


2. Transmit urgent messaging in an instant

Speed matters a great deal when it comes to emergency response. And visual communications transmitted to digital displays not only lets you reach anyone within sight, but it can also help you overcome communication barriers like differences in language and hearing impairment. When you have just seconds to communicate and organize crowds, displaying a common visual language paired with flashing lights and sounds delivers messages with a sense of speed and urgency. For there is simply no time to waste in an emergency.

Fortunately, digital display technology enables emergency managers to pre-plan crisis communications, clarify protocols, simplify instructions and automate decisions ahead of any event. Ideally, it should only take two or three actions to deploy pre-programmed messaging across all digital displays to reach target audiences, from fellow employees to customers and first responders.


3. Reach large audiences faster

One key advantage that digital displays and integrated technologies have over traditional emergency alert tools is that they can incorporate various devices and platforms like mobile email, voice, messaging and more, to reach audiences far and wide with just a couple of clicks.

Havrion knows this well: It has integrated digital displays with mobile alerts and push notifications to connect schools, businesses and public spaces directly with law enforcement in the event of an emergency.


4. Display critical messages on connected devices

Smart digital displays are a sleek and versatile tool, but it can be infinitely more effective if connected with other technologies. With that in mind, Havrion developed a central hub that connects all your communication devices and platforms – enabling you to manage them from a single portal.

By ensuring that no recipient fails to see, hear or understand your alerts, particularly when every second matters, Havrion Hub allows you to send communications on digital displays as well as a variety of devices, formats and channels: mobile messaging, email, PC alerts, fire alarms and more. This makes sure that nothing falls through the cracks and that receivers get the critical message even if they were distracted or busy when you issued the alert


5. Integrate with 911-First Responder emergency protocols

Effective, mass communication on digital displays saves lives by flashing critical alerts and instructions consistent with national and local emergency protocols to mitigate the following threats and hazards –

Severe Weather & Natural Disasters

Severe weather conditions and natural disasters like earthquakes can unfold quickly. By flashing alerts from local authorities on digital displays, makes it less of a challenge to warn crowds to keep safe.

Intruder/Active Shooter Protection

Public spaces need to be prepared for the dangers of intruders or active shooters. As the demand for increased security and a sense of safety increases, emergency messaging using digital displays should be a critical component of emergency planning.

Fire Safety Management

Fires can quickly spread, leaving no time to waste in weighing decisions. With digital displays for emergency alerts, customers, visitors, and employees in the building can instantly see the pre-programmed instruction and spring into the appropriate action.


How Havrion CONNECT keeps communities safe

Digital displays are especially helpful in public spaces where people may not be familiar with the building. Content can be customized according to the event and the space where it is being displayed so that occupants in different areas of the building can view easy to understand directions about how to exit safely.

Havrion CONNECT is a solution that protects spaces with smart communications, allowing you to push clear and consistent messaging wherever there’s a digital display. CONNECT links digital screens across all devices within the facility, enabling organizations to do the following –

• Customize instructions, health bulletins and other critical information for immediate display
• Connect to those directly impacted immediately;
• Customize messaging specific to the proximity of event type and audience;
• Create a shield of protection over your entire location in an emergency


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