Connect technologies to create safer spaces

Build highly customized and interconnected environments with a simplified management platform.  

Immediate detection with immediate communication

CONNECT by HAVRION drives a digital display interface into any environment. This functionality allows for clear customized communications of any emergency event. CONNECT makes sure emergency events are communicated immediately with a plan-of-action. Havrion CONNECT can provide customized evacuation maps, instructions, or other communications to meet your policies and procedures directly on digital displays. From Lockdowns to Evacuation, Holds to Health and Wellness, Havrion CONNECT goes beyond to close the vulnerability gap in an event and reduce exposure.

HAVRION Powered by Samsung is a unified solution within CONNECT that integrates the essential hardware and software systems to give organizations one of the most dynamic tools for communication and visual presentation available through digital display. Havrion utilizes Samsung displays for front-of-classroom communications as well as directly on Havrion’s Thermal Smart kiosks to keep your community safe.

How does Connect work?

Havrion’s Connect platform is a series of purpose-built micro services that run with Docker® containers for edge computing and integration. With Connect, you can: 


virtually and coordinate devices, applications, and communication platforms


sensors, triggers, devices, and displays on digital floor plans from a single, centralized management console


customized evacuation floor plans with static routes and lock down procedures


new levels of building and event security and communication

Tech Specs and Features

city at night

Swiftly communicate emergencies and response plans.

Consolidate technologies to build safer spaces and preserve life.

Connect. Stream. Protect.