Providing a unified solution for environment digitization.


building safer business enviroments

In the corporate world, it’s of critical importance to comply with and enforce public safety measures to ensure the safety of customers, partners, and employees alike. Corporate environments see a lot of people coming and going, in and out of offices and facilities.


Our post Covid-19 reality has made it crucial that we do a better job at keeping the workplace clean and healthy. Besides being ready to face any emergency, we also need to be able to understand who is coming and going, how many people are in the building/facility, and if anyone in the crowd may be sick and exposing others to illness.

Whether it’s the corporate office of a large multi-branch enterprise, a warehouse with a large workforce, or a retail store with thousands of daily customers, keeping everyone safe and healthy should be a top priority.

HAVRION in action

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Havrion’s Approach

a powerful end-to-end emergency and experience managment solution

In today’s corporate world, an end-to-end emergency management solution is a top priority. HAVRION understands this need and has developed and currently provides a unified solution for environment digitization.

This new innovative emergency management system is dedicated to protecting lives during emergencies through Al and technology.

HAVRION is a single, powerful, easy-to-use solution. Engagement is accelerated, rapid-response alerts are automated, and communication is streamlined. However, HAVRION isn’t just for schools and campuses; it also provides new ways of communication using LED displays. The HAVRION software and API allow for unlimited inputs, sensors, and video connectivity by distributing alerts, notifications, messages, and streaming on Samsung LED displays.

This innovative and essential technology unifies solutions, solves mass communication, provides security, and enables management and crowd control.


how havrion helps

Any Safety Officer, IT administrator, or Education official looking for the right safety solution, first needs to understand the who, what, where, why, and how.

Here are a few helpful questions to get you started.

ask yourself!

  • What’s the desired outcome?
  • Will the solution control numerous screens?
  • Will the solution communicate dynamically throughout the location?
  • Does the solution allow for multiple location deployment?
  • Where is the display relevant to the emergency?
  • What content will we display?
  • Who and how will it be designed?
  • Does the solution offer multiple options for emergency communications?
  • What hardware do we need?
  • What software do we need?
  • How will we connect to it?
  • Can we connect other 3rd party devices?
  • Can the solution be easily managed from a single site?
  • Does the solution provide pre and post-events data and analytics?
Create an intelligent,
enhanced workplace.