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havrion demo

the haVrion hub


HAVRION Hub (or HHUB) is our cloud-based, centralized, real-time command hub and event management system delivering a rich set of integrated management applications and connected devices for centralized visibility and granular control of any of HAVRION’s solutions.

Through HAVRION HUB you can:


an event

alert connect detect

Alert |
mobile app

The ALERT Mobile App serves as a digital panic button that lets you activate an event with by simply press and holding the button for 3 seconds.

Once the event is in progress, you can take followup actions depending on the type of event and number of people affected. 

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alert connect detect

connect |
digital displays

HAVRION CONNECT integrates with Samsung MagicINFO and Samsung Digital Displays, enhancing its ability to rapidly send customized messaging and alerts to where they need to get.

You can manage integrated digital displays and messaging all from the HAVRION Hub, with a wide range of customization options.

Whenever an event is triggered through ALERT or DETECT, CONNECT makes sure the message gets across to every person involved.


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alert connect detect

detect |
physical sensors

DETECT integrates with AI-powered sensors and devices that enable automated detection of events and collection of data. This includes gunshot sensors, thermal scan devices, smoke detectors, and other technology.

Once an event is detected, it automatically triggers a response within the HAVRION system. Authorities and first responders are automatically notified when there is an emergency activation.

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