Don’t leave a single second to chance.



Emergencies can rapidly become catastrophic, especially when they are not detected and communicated immediately.

Technology-powered awareness against danger

HAVRION DETECT is our answer to the challenge of identifying a dangerous or hazardous event as soon as it happens and before too many lives are in peril.

DETECT is a real-time, fully automated detection system that eliminates the need for human activation to initiate a response.


stays a step ahead

Using a collection of smart sensors and triggers, DETECT can sense and activate Notifications to 911 and automatically deliver event response procedures to schools facilities and stadiums.



active shooter



Health and

DETECT operates in conjunction with ALERT and/or CONNECT as part of the HAVRION Protect Suite and is fully integrated into HAVRION HUB.

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Life-saving technology

DETECT partners with several companies to leverage technology and devices that help save lives during critical situations. This includes gunshot detectors, thermal scanners, fire detectors, and AI-powered sensors.

Active Shooter Detection

Powered by Amberbox

AmberBox gunshot detection sensors automatically activate and trigger a S.M.A.R.T. response to authorities and 1st responders, potential victims, and staff members about a possible active shooter situation. Integrating with HAVRION’s Protect Suite, it enables a rapid response protocol to lead everyone to safety as quickly as possible.

Thermal Protect

Powered by RichTech

Our post-Covid-19 reality is one in which public safety and wellness have become a top priority. Bringing together Richtech thermal scanning technology and HAVRION’s unique platform, Thermal Protect identifies and check’s every person’s temperature before they walk into an enclosed space or building. It then rapidly provides instructions and messaging to them so they can move safely throughout any facility, building, or school.

The Protect Suite

CONNECT is part of the HAVRION Protect Suite, an innovative multi-component solution designed to enhance safety in public spaces and buildings by rapidly detecting, communicating, and relaying optimal responses to emergency events in real-time.

Communicate WHAT is happening, WHERE it’s happening, and HOW to respond to reduce the vulnerability gap.

stay a step ahead, always

detect emergencies when they happen and act quickly