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Confronting the threat

There’s no reason why any student or teacher should feel threatened at their school or university, but our reality is unfortunately different. The U.S. has seen 1,316 school shootings since 1970, with increasing numbers. In 2019, 97 people lost their lives in these incidents, with over 150 wounded.

The problem is real and while it may feel impotent at times, there is something we can do to reduce the vulnerability gap.

HAVRION Protects me!TM

The U.S. has seen 1,316 school shootings since 1970, with increasing numbers.

Havrion’s Approach

How we serve the Education sector

HAVRION works closely with the Education sector to ensure our solutions are in compliance with state laws and address each school or university’s unique needs. As Education adopts heavily in digital learning, Safety communications are hand-in-hand with supporting these transformations.

Embracing technology makes communication easy and effective, and ensures relevant messages are provided to students and staff. We take lessons learned from digital learning and apply them to safety for higher
recognition of visual engagement and response.

HAVRION in action

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how havrion helps

Any Safety Officer, IT administrator, or Education official looking for the right safety solution, first needs to understand the who, what, where, why, and how.

Here are a few helpful questions to get you started.

ask yourself!

  • What’s the desired outcome?
  • Will the solution control numerous screens?
  • Will the solution communicate dynamically throughout the location?
  • Does the solution allow for multiple location deployment?
  • Where is the display relevant to the emergency?
  • What content will we display?
  • Who and how will it be designed?
  • Does the solution offer multiple options for emergency communications?
  • What hardware do we need?
  • What software do we need?
  • How will we connect to it?
  • Can we connect other 3rd party devices?
  • Can the solution be easily managed from a single site?
  • Does the solution provide pre and post-events data and analytics?

How well prepared is your school?

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