emergency communications

Get critical information across when most needed.


every second counts

When it comes to notifying 1st responders, administration, and staff of an emergency, we need to make sure communications are as quick, clear, and efficient as possible.

A few seconds can make all the difference when it comes to a dangerous or life-threatening situation, which is why HAVRION works to create faster responses during the most critical moments for every person involved.

What are the principles of Emergency Communications?

Download our Guide to Emergency Communication Planning to learn about actionable strategies to better communicate before, during, and after an emergency.

How does HAVRION help?

Beyond notifying people about an emergency, HAVRION makes it possible to provide and receive personalized, specific instructions on what to do to mitigate the effects of an emergency.


HAVRION provides customized emergency communications to allow those individuals impacted to respond within seconds with a pre-determined procedure for reducing the vulnerability gap and protecting lives.


HAVRION brings clear conceptual communications that are key to protection when public safety and alerting originators need to quickly provide important information and guidance to schools and facilities during an emergency. As part of any emergency response protocol, notification systems indicate preparedness and allow safety planners to drive a clear direction of what to do, in what event, in the now.


HAVRION delivers the outcome of emergencies communications by aiding faster event responses and more effective communications and collaboration for internal and external groups to respond and support safety. HAVRION’s emergency communications can be configured to connect directly to 911, as well as drive emergency communications immediately to Digital Displays, Text Messages, Emails, Voicemails, and Push Notifications.

how havrion helps

Any Safety Officer, IT administrator, or Education official looking for the right safety solution, first needs to understand the who, what, where, why, and how.

Here are a few helpful questions to get you started.

ask yourself!

  • What’s the desired outcome?
  • Will the solution control numerous screens?
  • Will the solution communicate dynamically throughout the location?
  • Does the solution allow for multiple location deployment?
  • Where is the display relevant to the emergency?
  • What content will we display?
  • Who and how will it be designed?
  • Does the solution offer multiple options for emergency communications?
  • What hardware do we need?
  • What software do we need?
  • How will we connect to it?
  • Can we connect other 3rd party devices?
  • Can the solution be easily managed from a single site?
  • Does the solution provide pre and post-events data and analytics?
Be prepared and know what to do when emergencies happen.

Make it easier for everyone to call for help
when needed.