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Yes, HAVRION Hub (HHUB) is a cloud solution that is hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform.

Active shooter
Environmental hazards
Health and wellness

Yes. Once the HAVRION System is activated a notification is sent within seconds directly to 911 dispatch and the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) detailing the address of the school and emergency type.

Yes. The events under our PROTECT SUITE supported through our HHUB are customizable so that you decide which event, not only dials 911 but also what types of alerts you want to display and the types of communication you prefer to be sent to your employees.

Apple iPhones and Android Phones

Yes. HAVRION Solution can integrate with several devices you may be using or intending to use in your environments.

HAVRION has partnered with Samsung to ensure seamless integration with their MagicInfo solution. We also integrate with Amberbox’s Gun Detection Sensor, Richtech thermal devices, and most other sensors and physical pushbuttons.

Yes. We can provide visual and audible alerts to your displays. It is also possible to integrate with existing devices like lights and sirens.

Yes. HAVRION does not require an application downloaded to your devices. HHUB can communicate with employees via SMS, Email, and Voice Calls. HAVRION also provides the option for employees to download the HAVRION Alert Mobile Application for Android or Apple iPhone, but the App is NOT required for the system to function.

HAVRION provides detailed instructions on what actions an individual is about to activate and communicate within their mobile application and HHUB portal activation. The mobile app also has a pressure time hold function to eliminate accidental taps. The physical panic button we can provide has wall-mounted Alert buttons with a protective cover to prevent accidental activation.

HAVRION provides a powerful middleware developed into the Protect Core. Depending on the third-party hardware/solution HAVRION allows for API integrations to support our customers and provide a more unified solution to our customers and partners.

The HAVRION Alert Mobile app can be used to activate events in the case of an emergency by geofencing your deployment location.

Yes. HAVRION or our partners can make accommodations to conduct the installation after normal hours and on weekends to implement the deployment and installation of your solutions

HAVRION provides a very small footprint within your school or facility to provide the CONNECT solution.

Hardware: IOT Gateway and a Controller bundle

Your information will be kept confidential and only used for the emergency notification process

The message will come from a designated HAVRION number provided to your admin to distribute to those receiving alerts, to be saved to their phones. The same goes for email. All notifications will come from a single email so that users may save it and avoid it going to spam

The admin of the HHUB will push out QR codes either through email or text. The body of the message will instruct you on what to do and where to place that code in your app.

It depends on the situation, but our system is designed to deliver essential information quickly through multiple endpoints.

If your phone number or email address changes, you will need to go to the system administrator or follow any procedures your school or facility has completed to update the HHUB management portal and update your contact information.

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