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Digital transformation is underway in the education sector as HAVRION and Samsung join forces to provide a unified solution for school environment digitization 

Enhance their safety and their learning experiences

HAVRION Powered by Samsung is a unified solution that integrates the essential hardware and software systems to give schools one of the most dynamic tools for communication and visual presentation available.  

HAVRION and Samsung work together to provide clear and contextual visualization of emergency notificationsHAVRION serves as the connective tissue for added inputs and sensors and Samsung gives us full control of their Smart Signage Displays to deliver our service, which is scalable to 10’s of thousands of displays.  

  • Visually enhance student learning experience with Havrion Connect. 
  • Enable Real-time transmissions of emergency and rapid-response alerts with Havrion Protect. 
  • Leverage the very best technology with Samsung Smart Signage Displays and Samsung’s MagicINFO platform.  

How does Havrion Powered by Samsung work?

HAVRION provides a unique new way to communicate using Samsung Smart Signage. Leveraging the MagicINFO Server as a platform, HAVRION’s software and API allows for the integration of an unlimited number of inputs and sensors. This enables HAVRION to deliver site, campus, and district-wide dynamic video connectivity on Samsung Smart Signage displays, letting us distribute alerts, notifications, customized messaging, and streaming. 

With HAVRION Powered by Samsung you can: 

Enhance audience experience at stadiums

arenas, event halls, and other complexes with digital signage.

Eliminate confusion

by displaying schedules and room bookings outside classrooms.

Give staff members the ability to present

and share information quickly and easily.

Display business updates and social news

in common areas and offices

Bring campus community

closer together.

Create compelling presentations

that allow students and faculty to interact and collaborate

Tech Specs and Features

Students life on the campus

Havrion just became a lot more powerful through Samsung.

Together we can make schools more engaging and safer for students.

Connect. Stream. Protect.