Health and Wellness

Promoting and helping implement public health and safety guidelines with the aid of technology.

health and wellness

Facing the new normal

As the world still continues to recover from the most significant viral outbreak in our recent history, we are still grappling with some of the most pressing challenges of our post-pandemic reality.

Keeping our society as healthy as possible is a must if we intend to recover our way of life and continue progressing towards the future. At HAVRION, we believe our technology can help promote less invasive and more effective ways of helping business and schools re-open and stay open.

less invasive and more effective ways of  helping business and schools re-open and stay open. 

how havrion helps

How does HAVRION help?

HAVRION serves as a platform that allows you to connect multiple technologies to preserve life and promote health and wellness. We use a collection of sensors, devices, digital displays, and AI-driven systems to address a number of modern challenges including gun safety, school wellness, and public health guidelines.


HAVRION also provides rapid communication, clear information, and easy access to data through our platform which works in conjunction with advanced technology such as RichTech Thermal devices and Samsung Digital Signage Displays. We make it quick and easy to screen, detect, and communicate critical information about students, teachers, visitors, customers, staff, or fans at events.

Fast, Accurate Thermal
Data Cloud

Centralized data management and integrated reporting

Mobile IconReport

Remote notifications across displays, emails, and text messages


Compliance Management (ADA, HIPAA, FDA, etc.)



Access Control Options

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Promote a healthier environment and stay open for business.