Schools around the world have responded to COVID-19 using a variety of approaches. Taiwan, along with China, Denmark, Norway, and Singapore, mostly kept their schools open throughout the pandemic by giving locals “agency” to make decisions on school closures.

By relying on local data (the rate of infection in their communities), most schools in these countries have decided to remain open while implementing health protocols such as mandatory temperature scanning, face-masking and physical distancing.

In most parts of the US, however, schools have yet to safely reopen amidst concerns of a ‘second wave’ of infection. For this reason, many schools are investigating what measures can be taken to keep their students and staff safe.

Fortunately, technology has solutions for preventing the transmission of Covid-19 in a safe and non-invasive way to stop an outbreak before it starts.

What is Thermal Scanning?

Thermal Scanning is a method of taking the body temperature of large numbers of people within seconds to determine whether or not they are developing a fever which is an early symptom of COVID-19.

This state-of-the-art technology combines thermal cameras and a specialised software to instantly identify people with an abnormally high temperature. The thermal scan sends an alert  if the core body temperature of a passing individual exceeds the normal 37 degrees celsius. 

Thermal scanners are placed in areas with the most foot traffic in order to scan the highest number of people possible and detect a potential coronavirus case before it can spread.

How Do Thermal Scanners Work?

The best-in-the-market scanners provide features beyond temperature checks. These include health Q&As, automated alerts, data storage, and face recognition, with industry-leading data security protocols throughout.

Such scanners are intuitive, and easy to deploy – with the accuracy and ease of a smartphone to enhance the safety, convenience, and “contact-less” efficiency in complying with statutory health orders.

Havrion Thermal’s advanced AI platform combined with Richtech’s thermal scanners can identify and check every person’s temperature before they walk into an enclosed space or building and rapidly provide instructions & messaging to them so they can move safely and confidently throughout your facility or school.

Havrion Thermal’s ability to integrate thermal ID scanner readings with floor plans, maps, and other data helps keep everyone in a building or public space as safe as possible.

Is Thermal Scanning Right For Your School? – A Checklist

Although thermal body scanning technology is extremely effective, if it is not paired with a set of safety procedures, the outcome won’t be successful. Here are a few tips to efficiently roll out thermal scanning technology and prevent the spread of Covid-19 transmission in schools.

☐ Before you consider thermal scanning technology, first you must have plans in place for physical distancing where possible and hygiene protocols. For more information, check out the CDC’s Guidelines For a Safe School Reopening.

☐ In adopting this type of surveillance technology, school’s need to be mindful of data privacy concerns. Inform staff, students and parents on what data is being collected and how it’s shared, and ensure the necessary privacy and security protections are in place.

☐ There should also be a clear set of directives in place on dealing with a student with a high fever. Consider guidelines for student and parent notification, immediate care, isolation, testing and eventual reintroduction.

☐ If temperature scanning will become the norm in your school, it is best to use a smart, stand-alone installation that does not require an operator in order to reduce contact and error.

☐ Consider the strategic positioning of thermal scanning devices in entrances and hallways. Avoid choke points that could disrupt physical distancing rules.

☐ Anticipate questions and objections from staff, students and their parents in case they will be asked to isolate or sent home due to fever.

About Havrion Thermal Protect

Havrion Thermal Protect powered by Richtech is an Ai-powered thermal scanning system that provides functionalities for thermal ID scan before, during, and after the read.


  • Dynamic Samsung 13inch Soc displays for information sharing
  • Seamless integration into your environment
  • Fully-integrated alert management and emergency communications systems through Havrion Connect and Havrion Protect*

During Scan

  • Customizable device options and engagement levels
  • Thermal Scan to mask detection to full-facial recognition
  • Customizable level of privacy
  • Encryption of data transmission
  • Develop and enforce HIPAA, FDA, ADA policy and other health guidelines


  • Provide full one-way voice communication
  • Provide clear and concise messaging aligned with organizational policies and procedures
  • Provide post-scan messaging or customer communications

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