iMmersive safety experience

Creating dynamic, connecting environments that enhance public safety during emergencies


How responsive is your environment?

The ability to provide communications for changing environmental conditions within seconds, minutes, and/or that day is driving a future of increased digital signage in almost any environment. And delivering relevant, appropriate, and up-to-date messaging to support their customers, staff and students is becoming a necessity.

How do we grab attention, provide suggestions and deliver important information?

In today’s world, a draw to digital devices is rapidly growing from our everyday use of cell phones and computers to the front of classroom displays, and restaurant menu boards. Digital communications are enabling branding, awareness, and understanding.

HAVRION is going beyond today’s typical use cases and creating the next generation of AI-powered outcomes. We are providing the mechanism for facilities, schools, and stadiums to deliver relevant and up-to-date content, supporting their customers, staff, and students.

how havrion helps

How HAVRION delivers an
Immersive Safety Experience

HAVRION supports sharper recognition and responsiveness via technology for fully immersive safety experiences consisting of connected environments that enhance public spaces during emergency situations.

HAVRION brings immersive digital experiences that put Staff, Guest and/or Students into a changed reality via technology.

Immersive procedures and protocol-telling can be defined as a technique that uses the latest technologies to create a compelling sense of authority and direction that drives attention. The experience provides the audience a connection to the “moment” and offers a unique and impactful way of blending old and new safety practices.

HAVRION's immersive safety
experience helps:

Engagers comprehend event response protocols more easily

Incorporate visitor, staff, and student interaction through the engagement of the scenes.

Deliver an experience that tunes in individuals’ attention quickly to react instantly

Use multiple methods to connect to an environment and individual through textual, auditory, and visual-based communications

Personalize the experience, for any age and/or location through digital display

Connect with your environment.

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Deliver safety, confidence, and readiness in your environment.