Going Beyond with PERFORM

Enhance Your Fan & Customer Journey with WAYTELLING

The PERFORM Platform

HAVRION’s PERFORM Platform provides solutions enabling your data to work for you. It is an AI-powered platform that allows integrations with multiple IoT devices to produce desired outcomes targeting Points of Interests (POI) defined in the system. HAVRION PERFORM is cloud-native and implemented following the highest industry security standards.

The PERFORM Platform integrates with occupancy and people measurement sensors that provide wayfinding, waytelling, and crowd monitoring analytics against a customer’s pre-defined points of interest or POI.


What does HAVRION PERFORM let you do?


The fan, customer, staff, or guest experience by leveraging innovative sensor technology


 An AI-powered journey mapping, behavioral analytics ecosystem that delivers actionable insights for physical environments


 Elements of data into a customized “Decision Engine” that will power published content on digital displays across your stadium or facility


Desired outcomes targeting Points of Interest (POI) through integrations with multiple IoT services


Dynamic content in real-time based on data from MEASURE, and rules defined in PERFORM platform


Our cloud-native system enables the interaction with the different modules of the platfom

Wayfinding vs WaytELLING

Wayfinding signage is any type of sign that gives direction. They exist to help a customer find their way without lengthy explanations or complicated maps. With signs to guide customers along the way, they should be able to find their destination with ease.

Waytelling, on the other hand, creates a real-time customer or employee journey in which you can suggestively provide direction based on data and rules layered within a POI.

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HAVRION ENGAGE provides a highly scalable integration layer that allows customers to integrate external data sources or Third Party data that can be used by Havrion PERFORM to create enhanced or personalized experiences for customers.

ENGAGE lets you add data integration layers and create personalized, enhanced experiences and routing based on data integration; meanwhile providing customized digital display communications and automated and manual activations.

HAVRION measure

HAVRION Integrates with occupancy and people measurement sensors that provide waytelling and crowd monitoring analytics against a customer’s pre-defined points of interest or POI.

Among the statistics you can measure are:

Group 172



By integrating customized data points, ENABLE creates a more personalized group or customer experience within a building, stadium, or facility.

HAVRION ENABLE lets you know the influence over different outcomes that each experience has.

For example, it can pair the method of transportation a person used to get to an event with the quickest and easiest way to use that same method to get back home. It can also build a layer of deeper information around a profile or purchasing habits to make recommendations to enhance a specific person’s experience when attending an event, such as suggesting where they can get their favorite drink nearby.

Custom Creation

HAVRION provides custom integrations into existing systems such as POS or Ticketing systems that stadiums and facilities are utilizing to expand the data availability for a more robust data integration layer driving the AI decision engine.

Our Integration Partners

FastSensor is an AI-powered, hardware-enabled SaaS ecosystem that measures and analyzes complete, connected journeys to reveal ROI-boosting optimizations. HAVRION uses FastSensor devices to enhance its analytics and customer experience capabilities for Sports and Entertainment events.

HAVRION works with Samsung Digital Signage displays to rapidly communicate dynamic, customized messaging wherever, and whenever you need it.

MagicINFO is Samsung’s proprietary content, device, and data management platform which works in conjunction with HAVRION PERFORM.

Drive value around information, impact flow, and deliver one-of-a-kind experiences.

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