customized solutions enabling safer environments through technology


What is HAVRION and how does it help?

From fire and weather to active shooter and custom events, HAVRION keeps you and those around you safe and informed.

More than a technology firm, HAVRION is an innovation partner that addresses some of the most pressing public safety challenges through a combination of applied technology, complex communication and alert systems, and human sensibility.

PRotect suite

HAVRION’s Protect Suite is an innovative collection of technology products designed to enhance safety by rapidly detecting and communicating emergency events in real-time while relaying optimal responses to the situation.

HAVRION is our multi-component approach to protect communities when matters of public safety arise. It helps them activate, communicate, and manage the ideal response to many situations including:

  • Fire and weather emergencies
  • Active shooter situations
  • Chemical and environmental hazards
  • Trespassing/Suspicious person scenarios
  • Health and wellness

We communicate with affected individuals on WHAT is happening, WHERE it’s happening, and how they can RESPOND, reducing the vulnerability gap.

Our automated, non-human-initiated technology activates in real-time when emergency situations arise in facilities such as schools, offices, stadiums, hotels, and public spaces.

HAVRION follows 6 Emergency Response Protocols

ERP & Alyssa's Law

HAVRION provides event-type ad event resonance activation support through color-coding and word association for immediate recognization and reaction.


  • Lead safety strategy
  • Account for all individuals
  • Notify if missing, extra or injured individuals


  • Recover all individuals from hallways if possible
  • Lock the room’s doors
  • Turn out the lights
  • Move away from sight
  • Maintain silence
  • Do not open the door
  • Prepare to evade or defend


  • Bring everyone indoors
  • Lock-outside doors
  • Increase situational awareness
  • Account for all individuals
  • Do business as usual


  • Lead everyone to evacuation locations
  • Account for all individuals
  • Notify if missing, extra or injured individuals


  • Close and Lock doors
  • Account for all individuals
  • Do business as usual


  • Recover all individuals from hallways if possible
  • Lock the room’s doors
  • Turn out the lights
  • Move away from sight
  • Maintain silence
  • Do not open the door
  • Prepare to evade or defend




virtually and coordinate devices, apps, and communications platforms


sensors, triggers, devices, and displays on digital floor plans from a single console, the HAVRION Hub


customized evacuation floor plans with static routes and lockdown procedures


New levels of building and event security and communication


ALERT is our activation system, which includes a 24/7 mobile panic button app. ALERT delivers alerts of emerging situations to authorities and 1st responders while providing instructions to potentially affected individuals and alerts to key stakeholders.

Connect | Reducing the Vulnerability Gap

CONNECT is our complex communications and messaging system. CONNECT is in charge of rapidly delivering critical, customizable information across digital displays and other audiovisual devices during emergencies or other events of communal interest.

Detect | Staying a step ahead

DETECT is our collection of sensors and devices that automatically detect emergency situations and activate response systems. DETECT works in conjunction with HAVRION ALERT and CONNECT.


HAVRION Hub (or HHUB) is our cloud-based real-time Command Hub emergency events management system. It is a centralized real-time command hub and event management system delivering a rich set of integrated management applications and connected devices for centralized visibility and granular control of any of the recommended solutions –


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HHUB provides consistent visibility across all activations devices and drives HAVRION’s notifications to 911, text, email, voice mail, and push notification (app)– from our PROTECT Suite.

HHUB, with its centralized multi-location management capabilities, increases efficiency during active events and provides simplicity for deployment set-up as well as device and display configurations.

HAVRION’s cloud-based system enables easy role-based visibility and admin roles to event information from school-level staff to district employees.

HHUB also gives schools and facilities the tools for multi-layered reporting, drill creation and historical event visibility, and Activation isolation.

What To Expect from PROTECT

PROTECT reduces vulnerability gaps through instantaneous and automated recommended actions and instructions during situations where communication is critical.

PROTECT eliminates the inefficiencies of traditional alert systems, leveraging technology that enables real-time communication during critical events, getting 1st responders on site ASAP.

PROTECT communicates and amplifies alerts, messaging, and ERP via automated and/or manual sensors, digital displays, software, and mobile apps.

Quick communications can make a difference.

Get the right instructions, at the right time, to the people who need them most.