HAVRION smart sensor solutions

Use the power of artificial intelligence and cutting-edge sensors in real-time to ensure the fastest and safest evacuation routes possible. 

Outsmart danger through AI

With PROTECT, organizations can incorporate leading gunshot detection sensor technology from Amberboxand Halo Vape and Environmental sensors, which use real-time AI to analyze environmental changes, movement, and maps to provide the safest and quickest route to evacuation. PROTECT  is designed to mitigate active shooter situations, fires, natural disasters, and other emergencies that can rapidly evolve and become more critical in short periods of time.   

PROTECT by HAVRION works in parallel to Connect by HAVRION, creating a fully integrated, dynamic, and smart environment where sensor integrations are used in conjunction with digital display, to provide immediate communications and ensure the preservation of human life. PROTECT is designed for organizations of all types, to support multiple events.

How does protect work?

The Protect platform is a series of purpose-built micro services that run with Docker® containers for edge computing and integration. With Protect, you can:


custom evacuation floor plans with dynamic routes and lock down procedures


devices, applications, and communication platforms on Connect with artificial intelligence


First Responders such as police, paramedics, and firefighters with floor plans, evacuation routes and real-time information on an emergency


sensors, triggers, devices, and displays on digital floor plans from a single, centralized management console


new levels of building and event security and communication that is adaptive to changes in any given situation

Tech Specs and Features

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Protect life with the power of AI.

The technology to create a safer world is here.

Connect. Stream. Protect.

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