Situational Awareness Through Innovation

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Starting now through April 30th 2021, Havrion and Samsung are bringing enhanced situational awareness to your environment as part of every interactive Samsung screen you purchase.

We’re including 1 Year of a HAVRION CONNECT license with every purchase of a Samsung interactive digital display, providing you with an easy path to better communications and public safety management.  

After your purchase, contact any authorized partner and get started. It’s as easy as 1…2…3… 


Choose your activation, it can be 1 or both methods Havrion has to offer:


  • Physical Panic Button 
  • Mobile Application 


  • Fire Detectors 
  • AmberBox-Gun Shot Detection 
  • Existing Sensors* (when API’s are available) 

Enable your advanced communications through the digital display:


  • Activate your 1 year CONNECT license per display. Additional CONNECT licenses available for purchase for existing displays. (SBB Box may be required) 

Samsung MagicINFO 

  • Content management solution 

Hardware setup and on-boarding at a one-time fee**.

oT Gateway 

  • Controller bundle for buttons 


  • Delivered by HAVRION based on the methods you choose 
  • Get Samsung MagicINFO on-boarding with the 1 Year Free CONNECT license 

(fine print) 

*Additional hardware and licenses may apply based on selection and scope 

we Connect technologies

We stream communications

We protect life

*Not standard. Possibly needed to access all functionalities.

Havrion Thermal powered by Richtech

How Does HAVRION work?

Havrion Thermal Protect offers several functionalities for thermal ID scan before, during, and after the read. 


During Scan


Enable a secure, intelligent environment at a reduced cost today.

Talk to one of our representatives and find out what HAVRION can do for you. 

Connect. Stream. Protect.

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