Thermal Protect


A safe and versatile solution for public safety that also respects privacy.

Safety & Confidence

Preserve, protect, and enhance the customer experience and inspire workplace confidence by enhancing safety and promoting health & wellness in public spaces.

Versatility & Customization

Service people of all sizes, develop unique custom messaging to address specific needs, and go beyond the scan with multiple-use applications

going beyond the scan

Communication & Privacy

Use digital signage displays to communicate workplace health and safety measures, enforce social distancing guidelines, and ensure everyone gets the information they need, rapidly and privately.

Compliance & Security

Our HIPAA, ADA, and FDA-approved solution keeps information secure with three levels of encryption.

Research shows social distancing isn't going anywhere. It's time to adapt.

Havrion Thermal Protect offers a versatile, in-depth, and non-intrusive way to enhance safety and promote wellness in public spaces. We’re going beyond the scan and beyond the typical use of digital displays to enable rapid response alerts that protect life. 

we Connect technologies

We stream communications

We protect life

havrion thermal protect

Powered by RichTech.

Why Havrion?

Bringing together Richtech thermal scanning technology and Havrion’s unique platform, we can identify and check every person’s temperature before they walk into an enclosed space or building and rapidly provide instructions & messaging to them so they can move safely and confidently throughout your facility or school. Integrating thermal ID scanner readings with floor plans, maps, and other data helps us understand various statistics that we can use to keep everyone in a building or public space as safe as possible.

With Havrion Thermal Protect powered by Richtech you can:

Keep track

Keep track of how many people enter and exit a building


Read everyone's body temperature to make sure no one has a fever


Provide discrete, detailed instructions to every person after the thermal ID read so they understand where and how to move around the space.


Physically adjust thermal ID scanner to accommodate people of all sizes.


access to the building if necessary.


other 3rd party sensors and data to provide additionally safety layers such as environmental safety, gun safety, fire safety, and weather safety.


Accommodate and adjust to new processes policies, and situations to maintain a healthy workplace.


Lock and unlock access with Black/White ID listing with badge control.

*Not standard. Possibly needed to access all functionalities.

Havrion Thermal powered by Richtech


Havrion Thermal Protect offers several functionalities for thermal ID scan before, during, and after the read. 


During Scan


Havrion Thermal powered by Richtech

Features and Specifications

  • 2-3 sec scan for quick convent thermal interaction
  • Medical Grade Level D Thermal Sensor
  • Wide Angle Binocular Camera
  • Crystal Clear 7” LCD Display
  • Enhanced AI Facial Recognition
  • IP65 Waterproof and Dustproof
  • *Compatible with wall, desk, pedestal/ kiosk/ health wall options
  • ADA Compliant – full customization of data storage and display
  • RTSP live feed for security camera integrations
  • Multiple access control options – Temperature, Identity, Face Mask
  • Automated data collection through facial recognition and temperature screening
  • Database level high-security encryption/secured HTTPS data transmissions for HIPAA Compliance

Features and Specifications

  • 13-inch Samsung SoC HD LCD Display
  • Instant Adjustable height detection device
  • Large Sight Window for At-a-glance monitoring
  • Wheelchair accessible/child and adult easy interaction
  • Storage compartment
  • Muti functional- content display while thermal is not being used
  • Smart, trouble-free electronics
  • Change-free battery in most installations
  • White or Black metal frame option
  • Option hand sanitizer/ custom wraps/ wheels for maneuverability


Havrion Smart Kiosk quickiosk

Features and Specifications

  • 13-inch Samsung SoC HD LCD Display
  • Enhanced efficiency surrounding group entry
  • Large Sight Window for At-a-glance monitoring
  • Incorporates group/family interaction for ease of use in schools or large scale gatherings/ venues
  • Double up
  • Smart, trouble-free electronics
  • Change-free battery in most installations
  • White or Black metal frame option
  • Option hand sanitizer/custom wraps/wheels for maneuverability

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